words of thanks


I thank everyone for supporting me throughout the years.

You helped me become the man and sculptor I am today.

I accept your friendship and trust in humble and grateful appreciation.

Foto's Siebe Duthoy


"Art BOX", Belgium

A memory I cherish

It was the beginning of great things that were about to happen. Exhibiting was suddenly possible.

Thank you, Philippe Bossuyt, for having my artwork in your beautiful place in Waregem.

"Kurashiki", Japan 

A moment that truly inspired me.

An exposition of one of my Desks, 2 Commodes and a Bench with my good friend Daniel Ost in Japan’s Emperial Residence.  The location is of undescribable beauty , and made a deep impression on me. It is an experience my heart and soul will always remember.

Thank you, Daniel.

"Spitting out", Belgium

A moment I treasure.

Some of my friends, all business-people, helped me to organize the most beautiful exposition and most special concept of my life.

We planned the exhibition in dark and cold evenings in a cellar – and created the exhibition together, as an event to create Art through Cooperation and Management.

Thank you to everyone who helped in this creation:

Dirk Vanderscheuren and team, the Van Marcke Family and team, the Van Parys Family and team, The Lefevere family ,my wife Els ,and all the staff at the exhibition grounds at Veranneman

"Art Factory"

A moment I cherish

An exhibition in collaboration with Gallery Lefevere

and the Cloet Family

I made this huge sculpture and exbihited it in a wood factory.

We added atmosphere with special lights and music.

This event had an almost symbolic touch.

Many thanks to the Cloet Family, Lefevere Family,

and to Dirk and Christophe

"The Oppression Or the importance of dreaming".

I made this prototype in wood. In my mind, however,  it was a huge sculpture in bronze. I never got to make it, and still it is very important to me. I called it “The Oppression”.

"Bruges and chocolate"

This was a challenge, and I took it.

I'm proud of the result

Herr Maennig (collector)

Herr Maenning is an outrageous art lover and collector who repeatedly exhibited my furniture in international museums. He supported me time and time again in all my projects. He motivated me to do what I can and what I want and I am so grateful for his decades of support.

"Art Factory on Vacation", Belgium

Something special: The sculpture I had made in the wood factory went on vacation to Blankenberge - a very typical town at the Belgian sea-side.